About YachtGuide.com

YachtGuide is the result of our endless search for the "next boat". Yeah, you know the one. The one you start dreaming about three weeks after the one you just bought. Well, we have spent the past few years researching, and buying, the "next boat", and grew hugely frustrated at the lack of resources available when shopping for an item that will cost more than several truck-loads of automobiles. And we decided to fix that.

This leads us to YachtGuide. The core is a massive yacht database we call the YachtBase. In it, you will find details, photos and layouts for well over 1,000 motor yachts and trawlers. We started with trawlers (we like trawlers) and have info on approximately 700 models, or just about every trawler ever built. We are in the process of building the same data for motor yachts and will consider power cats down the road.

Naturally, since we are always looking for the “next boat”, the YachtBase links to matching models that are available for sale. Or, you can just jump right in and search through all of our listings of yachts for sale.

Our years of boat ownership also led us to the endless search for service providers. While some web sites claim to list providers, we found the results less than satisfactory. Thus, we introduce what we believe is the most sophisticated service provider directory covering the lower 48 states and Alaska. Search by geography, trade, or brand needing servicing. We have thousands of providers in a large variety of categories available, and we are always looking for more.

Being boat owners means we like to read, about boats. A lot. But finding great books of interest to boaters is not easy. So, we have created a terrific book and gift database and while we haven’t read every one of the books, we have read an awful lot of them. We think you will find a large variety, and certainly some great reading.

YachtGuide offers several other features including forums to discuss yachts (real names only please), an event calendar with information on which boats will be displayed at boat shows, some cool marine maps and YachtSpotted, a way for you to upload photos of any yachts you stumble upon that you think are worth sharing.

We started designing web sites for public consumption in late 1994. Back in those days there were no tools, no software, no resources. We had to build everything, including the first online shopping cart, from scratch. Today, it’s much easier, but the goal of making data truly usable for the users is still the first priority. We hope that you like what you see. We promise to keep working to make it better every day. Well, every day that we aren’t out boating...